Know about the lesser-known facts about bitcoin, which will amaze you!

facts about bitcoin

Bitcoin is the original crypto-asset, which is the main reason for the increasing interest in the world’s best-known technology: blockchain. The growing popularity of bitcoin results from its high-end transparency, efficiency and great technology. Numerous people are converting their fiat money into digital money because they think it is the best alternative to traditional currency. It is not just a unique online payment system, but it also provides its users with the benefits of the lower transaction cost. You might have heard many things about bitcoin, but there are still some facts that you don’t know facts about bitcoin. Click this image below to start your bitcoin journey.

Bitcoin pizza day!

You know that bitcoin is used for making payments and transferring money from one place to another. The fantastic thing is that the very first payment of bitcoin was for buying a pizza. Yes, it is an actual thing, and due to this, the 22nd of May is known as the bitcoin pizza day. When bitcoin got launched, its price was only 0.2 dollars. The shocking thing is that the person who bought pizza using bitcoin made the payment of 10000 bitcoin for buying a single pizza. So, every year the bitcoin pizza day is celebrated for honouring the first commercial transaction of this digital currency.

The Bitcoin creator is still unknown!

We hear that Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious person who created the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin. But no one knows about the person responsible for the invention of bitcoin. In 2009, bitcoin was open source and available for all people. However, the creator of this crypto has never come in front of the media, so it is still unknown who invented bitcoin.

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Buying and selling from a bitcoin ATM are possible!

The bitcoin ATM or BATM is the machine that accepts cash, and in return, they offer you bitcoin. Some of the bitcoin atm also allows the users to sell the bitcoin and then withdraw the fiat money from that machine. There is more than 5000 bitcoin atm available all over the world. In the US, there are 2000 bitcoin ATMs which is enormous. These machines look the same as the regular atm, but they are very different in working. You will not find any difficulty using the bitcoin atm, and it is a straightforward process of buying and selling bitcoin using these ATMs.

It is recognized as a lawful tender in El Salvador.

This year, on the 7th of September, El Salvador turned out to be the foremost nation to admit bitcoin as theĀ 



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