Obtaining Residence Permit, Permanent Residence, Citizenship, and Purchasing Real Estate Abroad

Obtaining Residence Permit

Should a person live all their life in the country where they were born? And is it possible to remain faithful to the love of the motherland while living in another country? These are ambiguous questions, the answers to which each person can give individually. However, the modern global world provides more and more opportunities for people seeking a better life and conditions. And if the economic situation in your country is deteriorating, then it is absolutely unnecessary to stay in it and live in poverty just because others do it.- Obtaining Residence Permit

Moving to another country is not only a very serious step in the psychological aspect but also a rather complicated procedure. If you do not know where to start, the best solution would be to seek advice from International Wealth specialists. We will be happy to discuss with you all aspects of the future move, including the preparation of documents, the choice of a suitable program for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, related costs, and other issues.

Can you keep your current passport when obtaining a residence permit or citizenship of another country? Most countries prohibit dual citizenship, so your passport will need to be abandoned. On the other hand, the legislation regarding second citizenship can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, it remains possible to obtain a passport of the most interesting jurisdiction for you while not losing the citizenship of your home country. We will be happy to help you resolve this issue.

Why do people get a second citizenship or residence permit? Most often, they prepare a contingency plan in case they have to leave their home country. Few people enjoy the life of an illegal immigrant or an undocumented refugee. But if you already have a residence permit or citizenship of another country, then in any unforeseen situation, you only need to buy a ticket, and you can legally move to a safer place. In our troubled world, this is a vital option.

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Issues that the International Wealth team can help you with include:

  • obtaining a second citizenship and foreign passport
  •  collection and submission of necessary documents
  • selection of the optimal jurisdiction that meets exactly your criteria
  •  tax residency issues
  •  short- and long-term residence visas
  •  residency or citizenship by investment: choosing a suitable program and applying
  •  property investment with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit or citizenship

In such an essential issue as obtaining citizenship and residence permit, the most effective approach is to consider the client’s individual requirements and wishes. Off-the-shelf solutions in this area often fail. The International Wealth team will help you get a passport or residence permit from the selected country with minimal hassle. Contact our experts to ensure an excellent future for you and your family.


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