EMV terminal solutions

EMV terminal solutions

Do you require card-present transactions to be completed within the application? Would you like to enhance a mobile payment solution for your smartphone or tablet? Do you want to implement the ability to make contact and contactless payments? How frequently do your field employees use your payment app(s)? Do you require tools and methods to provide you with a genuine mobile payment experience? Maybe you already have a payment terminal solution that runs on Android, and you just want to make it better.

If that’s the case, I recommend checking out the options we have for payment terminals.

Benefits of UniPay Gateway-Supported Terminal Solutions 

UniPay terminal systems have several advantages:

  • A wide variety of payment terminal types are supported by our UniPay Gateway software.
  • We can sync with any payment system you already use.
  • Here at United Thinkers, we’ve created our own in-house SoftPOS solution that can transform your mobile devices into fully functional POS systems.
  • We have built support for standalone mode on all of our POS terminals.
  • SoftPOS and traditional terminal systems are both supported by our unified API.
  • Our application programming interface (API) is both powerful and versatile.
  • We offer a service that meets PCI and EMV standards and is fully certified to meet the needs of your business.
  • White-labeling our payment terminal solution allows you to utilize it under your own brand.
  • We have a payment terminal solution that works with any form of card or electronic wallet and accepts payments for dining out.
  • There are hosted and on-premise options for the terminal solution.
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Advantages unique to Android:

Android-based payment terminal systems have been on the rise in recent years. The versatility of Android-based terminal apps means they can be used with either traditional POS hardware or software-only solutions, which is why they have become so popular.

The ability to install and use one’s own apps is another perk of Android-based terminals:

  • Here at United Thinkers, we have a one-stop shop for all of your Android POS system needs.
  • With our Android-based terminal system, you can use a touch screen to accept loyalty cards and get signatures.
  • With the help of our pre-built SDK, embedded Android applications can be built and run from the same Android-based device.

Bonus features:

  • We developed a technique for remotely injecting and loading PIN encryption keys.
  • TMS is used to manage EMV settings and terminal parameters.
  • FMS (fulfillment management system) streamlines the ordering and shipping processes at terminals.

Who may profit from our terminal options?

United Thinkers’ payment terminal system may be implemented by a wide variety of enterprises:

  • Retailers’ platforms with real-time consumer interaction.
  • ISOs that need a payment terminal that can function independently.

Problems in implementing SoftPOS systems

The process of putting in place a SoftPOS system is lengthy and involved. The following are the most crucial features and procedures:

  • Forming an Investment Alliance.
  • Creating an EMV-compliant kernel, obtaining the necessary licenses, and achieving official approval.
  • Access control system certification and service installation with attestation.
  • Development of an encryption key injection service.
  • Setup and inspection.

Reach out to us if you’re considering offering online retailers a terminal solution but have questions. UniPay Gateway, our omnichannel payment platform, is compatible with a wide range of additional terminal options.

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