Dow Jones Stocks Live Chart

Dow Jones Live Chart
Dow Jones Live Chart

Dow Jones Stocks Live Chart : In this article we will know all about Dow Jones Stocks, Dow Jones Stocks List, how many company listed in dow30. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), Dow Jones, or simply the Dow, is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 30 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.

Although it is one of the most commonly followed equity indices, many consider the Dow to be an inadequate representation of the overall U.S. stock market compared to broader market indices such as the S&P 500 Index or Russell 3000 because it only includes 30 large cap companies, is not weighted by market capitalization, and does not use a weighted arithmetic mean.

DOW30 Live Chart | DowJones Live Chart | INDEXDJX: .DJI |Dow Jones Industrial Average

DOW30 Live Chart | DowJones Live Chart | INDEXDJX: .DJI |Dow Jones Industrial Average

About Dow Jones Index

The Dow Jones index was originally compiled by Charles Dow, a financial journalist who first created the Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA) in 1896, which started life with just 12 of the largest US stocks, and as the name suggests was originally set up to measure performance in equities in the industrial and manufacturing sector. It had in fact started life much earlier in 1882, and was not published in the Wall Street Journal until 1896, when the two sectors of industrial stocks and manufacturing stocks were separated. Of the original 12 companies, only one remains, General Electric, with the ticker GE. The index was originally calculated using a simple average of stock prices, adding all stock prices together, and then dividing by 12 – a simple method, but one which left much to be desired! In particular stock splits were a problem for the index, since a 1 for 2 split would double the number of shares, and halve the stock price, although of course there had been no fundamental change in the underlying stock. In the early years this was not a problem as stock splits were rare, but as the markets developed this increasingly highlighted the weakness of the index and the way it was calculated.

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Dow Jones Live Chart
Dow Jones Live Chart

In 1916, eight new companies were added to the Dow Jones index, and later in the 1920′s a further 10 companies were added, bringing the total to 30, which remains the number to this day, and hence the reason the Dow Jones is often referred to as the Dow 30. With more companies being added, the index needed to be revised in the way it was calculated, as well as to overcome some of the problems outlined above, and as a result, a new method was adopted known as the price weighted method. Now curiously, this method has drawbacks as well, and indeed the Dow Jones index is one of the few in the world to use this simple method, with most modern indices such as the FTSE 100S&P 500 etc using the market cap#dowjones live chart, Dow Jones Real Time Chart,Live DOWJONES Chart, In this article dow features live charts show in below dow jones real time chart you can change charts extra zoom charts that means day, minutes, monthly basis dow jones charts, live djia charts.

Summary About Dow 30 Index

  • DOWJONES Website –
  • DowJones Headquarters – New York, NY
  • Trading Symbols of Dow Jones Index – ^DJI
  • DOWJONES Founded – February 16, 1885; 135 years ago (as DJA) May 26, 1896 (as DJIA)
  • Total Company Listed In Dow Jones – 30
  • Operators Of Dow Jones Index – S&P Dow Jones Indices

Dow Jones Stocks List

3MNYSENYSE: MMMConglomerate
American ExpressNYSENYSE: AXPFinancial services
Apple Inc.NASDAQAAPLInformation technology
BoeingNYSENYSE: BAAerospace and defense
Caterpillar Inc.NYSENYSE: CATConstruction and Mining
Chevron CorporationNYSENYSE: CVXPetroleum industry
Cisco SystemsNASDAQCSCOInformation technology
The Coca-Cola CompanyNYSENYSE: KOFood industry
Dow Inc.NYSENYSE: DOWChemical industry
ExxonMobilNYSENYSE: XOMPetroleum industry
Goldman SachsNYSENYSE: GSFinancial services
The Home DepotNYSENYSE: HDRetailing
IBMNYSENYSE: IBMInformation technology
IntelNASDAQINTCInformation technology
Johnson & JohnsonNYSENYSE: JNJPharmaceutical industry
JPMorgan ChaseNYSENYSE: JPMFinancial services
McDonald’sNYSENYSE: MCDFood industry
Merck & Co.NYSENYSE: MRKPharmaceutical industry
MicrosoftNASDAQMSFTInformation technology
PfizerNYSENYSE: PFEPharmaceutical industry
Procter & GambleNYSENYSE: PGFast-moving consumer goods
Raytheon TechnologiesNYSENYSE: RTXAerospace and defense
The Travelers CompaniesNYSENYSE: TRVFinancial services
UnitedHealth GroupNYSENYSE: UNHManaged health care
VerizonNYSENYSE: VZTelecommunication
Visa Inc.NYSENYSE: VFinancial services
WalmartNYSENYSE: WMTRetailing
Walgreens Boots AllianceNASDAQWBARetailing
The Walt Disney CompanyNYSENYSE: DISBroadcasting and entertainment
Dow 30 Stocks List

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