benefits of having a pet

 benefits of having a pet
 benefits of having a pet

 benefits of having a pet. The benefits of owning a dog or a cat have been known since the beginning of time. There are lots of benefits to getting into a companion animal relationship, including lifting our mood and easing loneliness, as well as improving our physical and mental health. One great way to help your pet is by donating to Dogs for Good – they’re an organization who provides unconditional adoptions for dogs in need in America today.

1. Pets will help you increase your social interactions

Having a dog helps people avoid isolation and provide support in the form of companionship. It also provides exercises necessary to help socialise your furry friend in various situations, both people and places.

2. Pets help with loneliness

It seems that a majority of people who own animals say that the companionship it brings can relieve loneliness. Many people value their pet as a source of support in certain situations, such as going out at night when they feel unsafe, walking in unfamiliar areas when they are alone, or just to share things with and just be there. An outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, carried out in 2020, showed that the majority of people with pets found them to be a source of considerable support.

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3. Pets can help with your fitness

Working out with your pet lowers your heart rate, helps you mentally manage stress and boosts confidence. With a lot of fun activities to choose from, including walking, running, swimming and playing ball in the park, there’s something for everyone. Whether you have a new puppy or an old dog, exercising can help improve your bond as well as helping burn off some extra energy.

4. Pets can reduce stress and anxiety

As humans, having pets can help improve our mental health. Research shows that petting a dog has been shown to reduce stress levels*. It also helps with recovery, as well as just being there – right beside our side – through good and bad times. We’re not able to take our dogs everywhere we go, but they make fantastic companions when they’re home with us.

Take advantage of their calming influence and playtime by introducing them into your care home or hospital environment. They’ll give a boost to the mood of the residents and their caregivers! Our in-house vet, Martin, says “I think all of us who own a pet can relate to the calming influence and happiness of a cuddle or playtime with a furry friend after a tough day.”

5. Pets can help children learn

Having a pet can make children feel loved and cared for, as well as help them to understand the basics of taking care of life. Whether they’re young or old, dogs can be very helpful in teaching life skills like responsibility, forming daily routines and understanding how their actions affect others. Children can also help with the training process, which lends even more benefits to having a pet.

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6. Pets can help people with disabilities

Although dogs are not always suited for people with certain learning and physical disabilities, in some cases they make life much easier. Guide or assistance dogs help people manage every day tasks, whether it’s at home or when away from the house.

Get to know the story of Simon, a man who had his assistance dog Axel to make daily life much more manageable and find out how his canine companion positively impacts the family. It’s no wonder that children with autism find so much comfort and happiness thanks to an assistance or family dog.

7. Pets make you happy

More and more, our pets are becoming an indispensable part of our lives. Studies have shown that pet ownership not only elevates your mood while you’re on your own but also makes you happier when you have a pet by your side no matter what. Plus, our pets keep us active, playing and chasing games with them all day long.

8. Pets can help us cope with a crisis

As well as providing everyday support with health and happiness, our pets can help us when we need to face a crisis or personal tragedy such as bereavement. We all go through tough times, so our furry friends are always there to make us feel at ease. In fact, research has shown that service dogs can be helpful for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

9. New pets can be a great companion for an older one

When your current pet begins to age, it’s natural to feel the need to get another companion animal. Keeping your current pet might not be an option anymore and something else could be a great solution. If you decide to bring home a kitten or puppy, you’ll want to monitor their interactions as they adapt to each other.

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A pet is also helpful when trying to train any animal, including your own dog. It’s important to take things slowly when introducing a role-reversal and make sure all the dogs’ needs are met before there’s even talk of playtime. Our in-house veterinarian, Martin, says “The benefits of adding a new family member into a household are significant for older pets that may suffer from loneliness or are simply feeling worn out.”

Getting a dog or a cat

When you adopt a dog, it’s nice to know that you’ll be able to provide a good quality of life for them. It’s important to consider the costs of care, as well as the time that it takes to housetrain and socialize them for your perfect match. The cost of care is worth it when you consider what pets give us in return. Pet insurance can cover potential vet bills or emergency care if there’s ever an issue with your pet.


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