What Happens if You Don’t Renew Your Bike Insurance?

Your Bike Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance isn’t a one-time purchase. As long as you own a two-wheeler, holding adequate third-party liability insurance that you carry with you at all times when riding your motorbike/scooter is not only legally required but a prudent thing to do. Insurance policies are term policies, which means they do not have lifetime validity. Typically, every year your policy will require renewal of Your Bike Insurance. 

If you decide to stick with the same insurer, the process is relatively simple. You can choose to renew the policy online or offline at your convenience. In order for you or anyone else to operate your bike, having an active insurance policy is required under the law, hence online bike insurance renewal should ideally be carried before the policy expires.. 

How Not to Forget to Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal?

  • Some insurance companies offer auto-renewal, which means that the policy will automatically renew and the renewal amount will be charged to your bank account without further action required from you. 
  • If you opt-out of auto-renewal, then you must take responsibility for your bike insurance renewal policy. The date of expiry can be found on the policy itself and you can ask the insurance provider to update you via SMS alerts nearing the end of the insurance term.
  • Make sure that all communication from your insurance provider is reaching you on your email, SMS or via calls. In case you switch numbers or email addresses, intimate your provider immediately.
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Benefits of Online Bike Insurance Renewal

Online two wheeler insurance policy renewals allow policyholders to renew their policy online through the use of secure payment methods. Supporting documents can be uploaded online in a few simple steps. Once the payment is complete, your policy will renew instantly and you can use your vehicle without having to wait for the renewal process to be complete. Some of the perks of renewing your insurance online are:


  1. Online renewal offers competitive rates on policies as commission to broking companies or agents is done away with entirely.
  2. You can compare across the broad range of insurance providers and switch to a plan better suited for you if the need arises.
  3. The process of online renewal is faster and a lot more streamlined than offline systems. The paperwork submission is managed seamlessly and you can choose one of many ways to pay securely.
  4. If you shift to managing your insurance paperwork online, you can benefit from speedy renewals and claim settlements. Familiarising yourself with the online process is a phenomenal time and effort saver.
  5. One great benefit of the online process is that the insurance policy comes digitised as well. Instead of carrying a physical copy of the policy you can save the digital copy of your policy on your phone or laptop and access it whenever needed with ease.


The Process to Renew Insurance Online

The process of online renewal is a simple and straightforward affair. Here are a few tips to make the process seamless.


  • Prepare scanned copies of supporting documents such as the existing policy, car registration details, photo ID, etc. ready on your device.
  • Keep your payment method ready – if you want to pay via net banking then keep all your associated information handy, if using UPI or a credit card, keep the passwords, pins and IDs ready for use.
  • Make sure you have a solid internet connection. Unnecessary delays and glitches are caused due to patchy internet connections.
  • Ensure that once the payment is complete, you receive an email confirmation from your policy provider. If not, get in touch with them immediately.
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Offline Options

Online renewals are hassle-free but if you do not trust or feel safe using the online process, you can approach the nearest branch of your insurance provider and make the application for renewal in person. You can also use an agent to carry out the paperwork and payment for you however commission charges are applicable on such services.


Managing vehicle finance can be quite confusing, however, when it comes to insurance, most providers offer a grace period of 30-60 days to renew the insurance policy after it expires. It is crucial to carry out your bike insurance renewal within the window if you want to transfer your No Claim Bonus forward. In case the insurance expires and you do not renew within the window provided to you, the policy will lapse and you will have to purchase a brand new motorbike insurance policy. Additionally, the No Claim Bonus discount will also lapse. So don’t wait to renew your policy till the last minute. Do it right away!


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