What are the new & advanced functions of sex dolls?

functions of sex dolls

Almost all sex doll companies provide custom orders for their customers. A few clients even pre-request for the sex dolls to give explicit instructions on how the sex dolls are to be custom-made before manufacture. They provide the organization with an outline of what and what they need in the functions of sex dolls.

In life, change is a constant occurrence, and evolution must always occur. Also, there are now some new functions that are custom-made on the doll. Now, let’s check if you need them and check functions of sex dolls.

1. Implanted hair

Most sex dolls are worn wigs on their head, which do not look natural. Nowadays, a silicone sex doll can be customized and upgraded by implanting hair on the head. Note that it is only on the head of the silicone sex doll that the human hair can be customized and implanted. In the case of the TPE sex doll head, a hair implant is not possible, which means the owners and users of the TPE sex doll have to consistently wear wigs for the dolls to make them look alluring and engaging.

2. Heating function

We all know that the sex doll is a cold non-living material because it cannot keep or maintain the constant body temperature as humans do. Every human needs to have a warm, tender sexual relationship with their accomplice, and they might be frustrated with the cold nature of the sex doll. These days, sex dolls are custom-made with an advanced heating function, which is applicable in the winter season when it would be too cold to touch or use. This advanced built-in body heater makes the sex doll feel more natural and warmer when you are cuddling, having sex, or just chilling with her. 

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It is a customized function that comes with an increase in the purchase budget of the user.

3. Articulated skeleton of hand and fingers

The customized articulated skeleton of the hand in the sex doll is custom-made to be more flexible and realistic than the ordinary hand. It implies that the sex doll owner/user can play with her in any position he wants to without experiencing mechanical issues. The articulated hand of the doll also has fingernails that are of similar grade and quality to human fingernails. It means that the user or owner of the sex doll can make pedicures on the dolls and fix long artificial nails on her hand as humans do on theirs.

4. Standing function without bolt

For a typical sex doll to stand on its feet, you have to use a bolt to aid it. This standing function of the sex doll with the aid of a bolt isn’t too good and is stressful to execute. Now to the solution. The top-grade silicone sex doll can now stand on its own without the aid of a bolt or any other form of attachment. This development comes with a heavy sigh of relief for the sex doll owners who are already tired of the manual bolt standing function.

5. Swinging ass

New sex dolls manufactured from BBdoll have a customized function that makes them swing their ass while having sex with the owner, so new sex dolls with well-rounded, flexible bottoms that sway and match their skin tone, facial appearance, and overall beauty are a bonus to the owner or user. It is an interesting customized function that is pleasant, sexually appealing, and eye-catching. Many sex doll lovers would like to have the swinging ass function in their sex dolls.

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If you need an upgraded function in your sex doll., you would have to make a custom sex doll, and BBdoll is the right choice for you.


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