The Best Free Ad-Supported Streaming Video Services

Free Ad-Supported Streaming

Some consumers are unaware of the fact that connected TV services that stream video content directly into the home are available for free. The only catch is that the customer has to pay for the service with his or her time. Free streaming video services are available to the general public as they are supported by CTV ads. Here’s a quick look at the top ad-supported, no-cost streaming and Free Ad-Supported Streaming  video services.

Xumo- Free Ad-Supported Streaming

Choose Xumo and you’ll enjoy on-demand and live content from nearly 200 channels. Xumo is somewhat unique compared to other streaming video service providers in that it provides comparably high-quality and coveted content whereas the competition is primarily focused on no-cost streaming options. All in all, Xumo has in excess of 200 digital channels of no-cost programming that span a dozen genres.


Most people are aware that YouTube plays ads before and also during videos. Though YouTube’s Premium option, previously known as YouTube Red, is still available, there is no need to pay an egregiously high monthly figure to access high-quality content on YouTube. Opt to watch ad-supported programming on YouTube and you’ll have a litany of options.


Crackle, a streaming service that was once owned by Sony, is chock-full of shows that are sure to hold appeal to the mainstream of the viewing audience. Chicken Soup for the Soul now owns Crackle within the overarching Crackle Plus brand that also encompasses additional ad-supported networks including the likes of Popcornflix and FrightPix. Viewers looking for classic shows and family-friendly content will find it on Crackle. Examples of some of the newer Crackle channels include Sundance Selects and the Black Entertainment Channel.

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LG Channels

LG Channels is a no-cost video streaming service exclusive to individuals who use LG smart TVs. You can access ad-supported free video streaming through Pluto TV and Xumo from your LG TV. Pluto content is sourced from its corporate parent, ViacomCBS, meaning Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CBS, BET and MTV content is available to viewers.


Plex provides video content at no cost thanks to streaming service ads. Check out Pluto’s content and you’ll find a plethora of TV shows, documentaries, extreme sports films, movies and more. In total, Plex has more than 80 channels spanning a wide array of genres. The service, officially referred to as “Live TV on Plex”, provides Yahoo Finance and Reuters channels along with shows and movies from Warner Brothers, MGM, Lionsgate, Legendary and other studios on demand.


Most people have heard about Peacock and assume it costs money. Though there are a couple paid tiers to Peacock, consumers should also be aware that there is also a service tier supported by ads. Opt for the no-cost version of Peacock and you will enjoy access to more than half of the service’s library which includes 20,000 movies, shows, sports, news and other programs.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla’s digital media service makes it easy to stream content ranging from TV shows to movies and even electronic books. Check with your local library to see if they have partnered with Hoopla and you might be streaming free online content from Acorn TV, PBS Kids shows and beyond in a day’s time or less. You can stream Hoopla Digital content on your PC, mobile computing devices and other devices used for streaming.

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Tubi TV

Tubi TV provides free movies and a small library of TV shows. This ad-supported streaming service functions on the vast majority of web-connected devices. Furthermore, Tubi TV is also held in high regard as it does not require creating an account with Tubi. However, those who sign up for a Tubi TV account are empowered to save favorite programs and resume playback at the point when switching from one device to the next.

Vizio WatchFree+

Vizio has joined forces with Pluto TV to provide WatchFree+ streaming content. Check out the channel lineup on Vizio’s no-cost, ad-supported, on-demand streaming service and you’ll be impressed. Examples of programming available on Vizio’s free streaming service include CBC, USA Today lifestyle content, Sony Pictures movies, TMZ celebrity news and Lionsgate films.


TiVo+ is a commercial-supported video streaming service available to those who have a TiVo DVR or those with TiVo Stream 4K. Check out the channel lineup on TiVo+ and you’ll find more than 150 channels available at no cost. Whether you are looking for older TV shows, live news or live sports, you’ll find them on TiVo+’s free streaming service. 


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