How To Kill Some Time and Make Some Extra Money


Every person deserves to have some rest time and spend it worthy with much excitement and joy. New technologies disclose a wide spectrum of opportunities to have fun and earn extra money. For Indians, it is a suitable time to enjoy online entertainment when their favorite and globally recognized sports event IPL is being conducted. State-to-art technological solutions allow Indians to track IPL match betting rates through reliable online betting sites as well as the entire world. The case of the coronavirus pandemic has influenced and encouraged them to stay online with the lovely tournament and not to leave the thrill.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Betting on popular and well-known sports is also a way the person can make some extra money. They can combine entertainment with a possible income when diving into the whole process and learning the betting strategies. So, Indians can kill some time by earning extra money from the deal they adore.

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Available Extra Earnings

Despite sports betting as a way to make money in free time, there are plenty of other ways how the person can get some money online or from home. Here are the most popular side hustles that can be turned out to a regular part-time job.

#1 User experience tester

At the initial stages of developing and designing a website, many companies are willing to display relevant information and reach the target goal. But often, something can go wrong, and they want to know why. For this purpose, they look for a user experience tester to receive feedback. When it comes to the useability of the company’s website, the person can try himself in this deal, spending a few minutes scanning the website. It’s an excellent gig to earn about $10 for each 20 minutes test finished.

#2 Get cash back from apps

It can be a novelty for someone with many mobile apps that show possible ways to gain extra cash by doing simple things. It is like grabbing the phone and scanning the receipt. It is a real chance to get cash quickly due to such apps as Rakuten, Ibotta, Receipt Hog, and Dosh. 

#3 Participate in surveys

Explore survey sites. They pay for just taking the survey and sharing opinions. Sounds a bit like a sweet deal. But one should remember that these sites are searching for specific things when finding people. Thus, not all surveys can suit you. Keeping patience and persistence, one will find success in this deal.

#4 Freelance work

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If the person is creative and possesses some useful and valuable skills, they can try to put them into practice by looking for a platform for freelance work. Such platforms are a kind of link between freelancers specializing in graphic design, writing, editing, and other specific areas and clients looking for such talents. To move forward in this direction, one should create a profile as evidence of experience, and rate employers seek.

#5 Social media manager

In modern years, almost every company has a social media presence to entice more customers online on social media. If the one likes creative things, connecting new people, and is aware of various social media channels, then it is a thing to try.


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