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PF Form 15g:Often you are not liable for tax but still TDS is deducted. Therefore, if you feel that your total year-end earnings will not come under tax, then tell it in advance so that TDS is not deducted. One has to use Form 15G to tell it. Even if you are withdrawing money from PF, you may need to fill this form. Actually, if you withdraw money from PF without completing a job for five years, then TDS can be deducted from your money. So it is better that you fill Form 15G along with Withdrawal Application. Today in this post, we will show how to fill this form. Fow to fill form 15 G For EPF withdrawal hindi.

Pf Form 15g not necessary after 5 years of PF withdrawal

  • >Pf Form 15G is to be submitted when TDS on EPF is to be stopped. And, TDS on EPF is deducted only when the 5 years of the job is not completed and the amount withdrawn is 50 thousand rupees or more.
  • >If you have worked in more than one company, then adding the service period of both will be counted as 5 years. If you have given up your job for 3 years and then after waiting for 2 years, take out PF, then it will be counted as 3 years and not 5 years.

Pf Form 15G and pf Form 15H  Form 15G is for applicants below 60 years and Form 15H is for applicants above 60 years.

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How to submit pf Form 15G &
How to withdrawal money with pf form 15g

If you are applying online to get PF, then Form 15G can also be uploaded online. But keep in mind, first you have to fill the paper form with 15 G, then make a PDF and save it on computer or mobile. The same PDF copy is uploaded during the process of filling the PF form. 

And yes, just like a PDF of pf Form 15G, a scan copy of a bank account check or passbook will also be required. The steps to be followed for this process are as follows-


  • >Go to the UAN Unified Portal of EPFO. The link is –
  • >Here the login box of the Universal Account Number (UAN) MEMBER e-SEWA appears. Username (UAN). And login with the help of password. You can also reset your password if you have forgotten it. 

If you click ONLINE SERVICES in the above tab, a dropdown list will open. Click on Claim (Form 31, 19, 10C) on the first number.

PF Form 15G

In the next page that opens, your personal details (name, father’s name, date of birth, mobile number etc.) and KYC details (Aadhaar number, PAN number, bank account number, etc.) are displayed.

Where BANK ACCOUNT No. It is written that the bank does not have the last four digits in front of it, which you have to fill. After this, click on the verify button. This is the same bank account number that is linked to your EPF account.

PF Form 15G

As soon as you click on the button of Verify , a warning letter WARNING (s) opens in front of you asking you to certify that—

  1. I have checked the Bank Account details shown in the PF Claim Form . I am aware that the amount of your EPF will be deposited in this bank account.
  2. I am aware of the eligibility required for all claims related to my UAN related PF Accounts. EPFO will have the right to settle PF claim as per the prescribed terms and conditions and according to my service. According to them, the claim will have the right to be accepted or rejected.
  3. >After the account is verified , a button for proceed for online claim starts appearing in the form . Click on it
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PF Form 15G

Step 4

On the next page, you have to choose the type of PF related claim below. There are three options

  • Only PF Withdrawal (form 19): To remove PF
  • Only Pension Withdrawal (form 10 C): Only to withdraw the pension 
  • PF Advance (Form-31): To withdraw PF Advance

You have to select only PF Withdrawal (form 19) option in it. 

PF Form 15G

As soon as you select this option, some new options open on the screen below it.

Step 5

The first option is of Upload Form-15G . Right in front of it  is a button to choose file . By clicking on it, you can upload a PDF copy of the pre-filled Form 15G.

Keep in mind:  PDF file size should not be more than 1MB, otherwise it will not be uploaded. In order to know what is filled in Form 15, we are also giving a screen shot of its PDF copy below.

PF Form 15G

Note: Let me tell you one thing again that if you have been working for 5 years and your PF has been deposited for 5 consecutive years, then neither your TDS will be deducted nor you need to submit Form 15G. In this case, you can proceed further by leaving this step.

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-: See the sample copy of Form 15

PF Form 15G

Step 6

  • After uploading the pf Form 15G below, you have to enter the employee address (your address, PIN code etc.) in the next column .
  • Then you have to upload a scan copy of your bank account check or passbook below. The photo of the check or passbook should be in JPG or JPEG file only.
  • >Note: Scan copy of check or passbook should be at least 100 KB and maximum of 500 KB. The name, bank account number, IFSC code, etc. should be visible in it. Otherwise your claim may be rejected.
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Pf form 15g Announcement & Declaration

Below you have to tick the small box made before a small declaration. Here you have to give consent to use your Aadhaar related data. And to declare the correctness of UAN, Bank Account Number, IFSC Code, Aadhaar Number, PAN Number etc.

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OTP Validation

Then click on the  Get Aadhaar OTP  button at the bottom . After this, an OTP number will come on the mobile registered in your Aadhaar. Validate your Apply by filling that number in the OTP box.

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