What are NFT games?

What are NFT games

Games have been around longer than we know. The fun has never been out of our system and in our daily lives. In this digital age, anything can be associated with games may it be virtual reality, money, fame and now digital currency or non-fungible tokens. Before, most people played games just for fun or to kill time, but now playing games can be an investment as well. Now investing in cryptocurrency can be fun and interactive as well. Most people just think about this just looking at the charts analysing the time they’re gonna be trading which is boring and can be a headache. People used to spend money on character games as well but get nothing in return but high-ranking and experience points. What are NFT games?

Cryptocurrency way back in 2000, when it first launched, only a few people knew about it. The cryptocurrency had a hard time penetrating our daily life; it took years before people knew about it and its possibilities and started investing. However, a lot of developments have been made, like financial institutions adopting cryptocurrency, business investing, governments creating their own cryptocurrency. It is still something new when cryptocurrency gets associated with different things like games. 


An NFT is a non fungible token; it is digital data that can be compared to physical stuff like art or digital media, online videos, music or even games. It can be bought, sold or traded using cryptocurrency. NFT’s are usually developed with the same data from cryptocurrency technology. Basically, it is always unique and has one of a kind identifying code; it also has a limited number of running on the network. If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, or NFTs, check out the Bitcoin Loophole website.

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Cryptocurrency and NFT’s have similarities, but they are different in their own ways as well. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Cardano; and fiat currencies like Dollar and Yen are considered fungible since both can be traded to one another. Since one bitcoin always has the same value as another bitcoin, and a dollar always has the same value as a dollar. Meanwhile, every non fungible token has a different value than any other non fungible token.

NFTs run on a blockchain network as well, which has a distributed public ledger as well in which transactions are recorded. Although NFT can run on different kinds of blockchain networks, NFT’s are specifically developed to run on the Ethereum blockchain network. NFT’s are also volatile like cryptocurrency, so investing in one would come with a lot of risks as well.

NFT on games

Ever since the cryptocurrency was launched, people have been sceptical about investing not until years after where its value hit rocket high. Most people don’t want to put their money on cryptocurrency and wait for it to gain profit, only the tech-literate and computer nerds were able to manually invest using different kinds of platforms and softwares. Until cryptocurrency and gaming platforms were combined, a lot of individuals were hyped up about this collaboration of two different industries.

Of course, anything that could generate money or income could become an instant trend. As if now only small developers are offering NFT games, in which most play to learn this type of game. Nevertheless, the blockchain gaming market is one of the fastest-growing in the gaming industry. Before, people paid to play games and got digital rewards for it but, with NFT games, the money you spend can actually be an investment. 

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Most popular NFT games:

Idle Cyber game, this post-apocalyptic type game in a futuristic world, requires you to defend humanity against cyborgs. The player needs to build walls and control an army or cyber defence. This game also has aesthetically developed characters and sets of weapons. This game is already a play to earn, which means you can trade or earn physical money when playing the game. Although a lot of development is still in progress on this one and developers are planning to use Binance Smart Chain as its blockchain network. 

Axie Infinity, this game is a pokemon style game where you’ll be battling with other players digital creatures with different breeds.  This game was also developed as a play to learn on the Ethereum blockchain network. Aside from the scalability solutions, this game has the most reliable solution as well as it comes with zero fees in every transaction. The main goal for this game is to compete with other players and collect the axies, which is the NFT based digital creature; each axis has a unique characteristic and abilities.

Axie gamers can trade their axies on any popular Ethereum market places. Each axies price is different depending on its unique characteristics and rarity. To start playing the game, one must have at least three axies; there would be players vs player combat or missions in which you can receive a reward which is the Smooth Love Potion or SLP. It is basically the ERC-20 currency of the game. 

Metawars, this game has sci-fi and a futuristic approach, which should have a multiplayer strategy. Players would be immersing themselves in one of a kind space exploration, in which they can get a chance to play and earn from the war economy on the platform. The game is controlled on a metawar galaxy which constantly changes from time to time and adjusts to players movement as well. 

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There are three stages or missions on metawar, first covering all about the exploration. In the next stage, a fleet formation is required where players can customise their fleets and robots, which they can use to defend and attack. The last one is the combat segment, where the real actions happen. Players of metawar should coordinate on missions with other players in order for them to discover hidden galaxies. Limited edition robots or characters can be collected; at the same time, they can earn multiple NFT’s from auctions on the platform. 

These interactive games can be a great way to encourage others to invest in cryptocurrency. Unlike the usual invest and wait here, you can have fun as well. However, since this investment is in the form of a game, younger people would be curious that they should know that cryptocurrency is volatile, which means value may change at any time. Also, in games losing is inevitable, so everyone should understand that you cannot always win on battles and missions. 


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