Top 5 imports of US and US import data


Top 5 imports of US and US import data : Countries import goods because of two reasons either they are not self-sufficient in producing the specific item or they find it cheaper to import than to produce at home. Whatever the reason is, like all under-developed and developed countries, the US also imports certain goods to meet the demands of their nation. Now let’s have a look at the top five imports of the US and US import data

●    Machinery – up to $386.4 billion

Machinery in this category includes Computers,    Valves, Air or Vacuum pumps, Elevators, Computer parts, Printing machinery, Taps, Piston engines, and Transmission Shafts,

●    Electric Machinery- up to $367.1 billion

In this category, Smartphones, TV receivers, Monitors, Projectors, Circuit boards, Solar power diodes, Insulated wires, Digital cameras, lower voltage switches, are the major imports

●    Vehicles and Automobile- up to $306.7 billion

Trucks, Automobile parts, Tractors, Cars, Motorcycles, Public transport vehicles, Bicycle, and Special transport vehicles are the few examples of imports that fall under this heading.

●    Mineral oils and Fuels- up to $241.4 billion

Crude oil, Processed petroleum oil, Natural bitumen asphalt, Petroleum gasses, Petroleum oil residues, Coal mineral waxes, Petroleum jelly, Peat, and Coal tar oil, etc.

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●    Pharmaceutical- up to 116.3 billion

Top 5 imports of US and US import data
Top 5 imports of US and US import data

The United States is on the top of the list of the countries that import pharmaceutical products in large quantities. As per the research conducted in 2019, the percentage of the import of pharmaceutical products went up to 18.7% costing the US $78.9 billion.

Now you know what are the major imports of The United States let’s move on to Import data in detail.

What you need to know about import data

So, what is the import data? The import data is an excel file that contains the record of all the import transactions that happened in the country, throughout a year.

It contains all the important details relating to the transaction

Transactions, in the Import data, are recorded with full information including the product description, buyers details, HS code, date, name, quantity, and weight.

It monitors the activities of importers

It’s a way to not let things go out of hands. Having everything relating to business monitored is great as it does not just help you in your decisions but also saves you from future disappointments.

You can request the authority to value your confidentiality

Import data is available in the “easy to find” mode. But still, the importer can request the authority by the “Government confidentiality request” to keep the important things confidential. As the request is approved your sensitive information will be removed from the public records for two years.

In the case of import data, what information will be available to the public?

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As per the rules made by the authorities, the following information is available to be accessed by the general public.

  • Consignee name and address.
  • Shipper name and address.
  • Notify the party name and address.
  • Description of goods.
  • Bill of lading.
  • Vessel name, country, carrier code, voyage number.
  • District/Port of lading and unlading.
  • Manifest quantity.
  • Weight
  • Container number/ seal number.
  • Estimated arrival date.

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