Tips on how to analyze a company in your essay

Tips analyze company essay

A company analysis is one of the most assigned tasks in academia. Students who study management, business ,and administration get such an essay type most frequently. This assignment aims to reveal the company in terms of establishment, finances, and future potential. If you study the mentioned courses and seek help with business essay, follow this article. Here are Tips on how to analyze a company in your essay.

Introduce The Company

Needless to say that you have to introduce the company to the reader. Not only will a good introduction spark the reader’s attention, but it will also help them get a clear picture of what the company is and why you chose it. Usually, the introduction comprises three essential parts. They are an opening sentence, background information, and a thesis statement. The introduction’s volume varies depending on your essay’s word count. If you have to write a two-page paper, make your intro no longer than 100 words.

General Status Is Important 

Once you brief the readers on the company, it is time to write a detailed paragraph on its history and noteworthy accomplishments. Describe when the company was established and who its founders were. Answer what changes it faced throughout the years. Moreover, highlight how the company influenced the field it operates within. If the corporation has developed during the years, consider its status and how the company has recently grown.

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Highlight The Company’s Mission

If you plan to create a big picture of the corporation, you have to look at it from different perspectives. Don’t only focus on a financial state and income. Check the mission statement that describes the company’s aims and aspirations. They might be related to well-paid jobs, excellent environment, social mission focusing on the locals, and many more. Revealing the company’s monetary, non-monetary, and social goals will help you determine its actual value in the market. 

Describe The Financial Performance

Depending on your course, you might be asked to review the financial performance more in-depth. Analyze available financial documents, such as cash flow statements, annual budget, year-end tax returns, and other statements you can find. Digging deeper will make your company analysis more informative and exciting. Besides, you will be able to define whether a company faces any problem in the industry.

Evaluate Product, Price, Promotion, and Place of Sale

These four attributes are rarely included in an analysis essay. However, they define the company’s position and how robust it is. Check the company’s main product or a set of products and analyze its position in the market. Look at the price and compare it to the corporation’s competitors. Does the price range fluctuate, or has it increased within years? Or maybe it has become lower? Review the marketing communications and how promotions boost the company’s sales.

Don’t Forget About The Company’s Structure

Check how the company is organized. Whatever information you can find—be it information about staff, management, or specific departments—will be of great use. Assess the corporation’s main problems and how it wrestles with them. If you can find some interviews of people who work in the company and describe different processes, watch them and evaluate whether they are right or not. Ultimately, don’t forget about the company’s core advantages, innovations, abilities, and assets. 

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SWOT Is A Must

Wrap up your findings with a list of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Make sure to dedicate plenty of time to review these four parameters. Rely on the information you collected and conclusions you came to when analyzing the business. At this stage, you can provide a full-fledged SWOT analysis and make a strong stance regarding the company, its performance, advantages, and weaknesses.

Remember About The Paper’s Structure

Each and every paper has three salient parts. In no way should you omit them when writing a company analysis. An essay must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Besides that, every section comprises three sub-parts. Since we already know what the introduction has, let us begin with the body. The central part usually has:

  • A topic sentence: every body section starts with a topic sentence that refers to a point stated in the thesis statement. Remember, one topic sentence equals one point.
  • Evidence and explanation: to boost your essay’s credibility, include business sources and explain what they state. Also, answer why they pertain to your paper.
  • Transition: transitions make your essay coherent and logical. Use such words as however, besides, moreover, in addition, likewise, to glue your piece together.

In turn, a conclusion must have these three parts:

  • A rephrased thesis statement: remind the readers about your points by restating the thesis. But don’t repeat it word-for-word. Rephrase the facts, keep the meaning.
  • Summarized vital points: your audience must remember the chief points you mentioned in the essay. Comprise them and provide two sentences with crucial information.
  • A closing sentence: finish the essay by stating why this essay is significant to the field and why others should read it. Also, say that further research is needed.
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Format Matters

Even if you adjust your paper to the mentioned structure but fail to include formatting elements, you are doomed to get a low grade. Once you finish the cheap writing services, make sure to create a cover page, an executive summary, and an appendix. They all are necessary if your paper is extensive. However, your professor may require adding them to short essays. Either way, clarify about them before writing the work.

The Bottom Line

Writing a company analysis requires looking for many sources and retrieving lots of pieces of information. Doing that can be a long-lasting process, which may result in a low-quality essay. Suppose you struggle with writing a company analysis essay and have no idea how to write it. In that case, you are highly encouraged to follow this article. The tips enlisted here will help you reduce the time spent analyzing the corporation and crafting an essay. Read other articles placed on this web page to enrich your knowledge area on various topics!


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