The Pluxee Experience: The Further Development of Sodexo BRS and Its Significance


Since Sodexo BRS transformed into Pluxee, it has been leading in offering employee benefits and enjoyment. It opens a world of opportunities that help everyone enjoy things that matter to them.

Sodexo BRS Gets Better at Pluxee

One thing about Pluxee is that it has 26 years of legacy, which helps it nurture relationships with over 11,000 Indian companies. It has struck a good balance between retaining the legacy it has established over the years and establishing a new identity. Customers can expect the same personalized services, but now enhanced with the assistance of the new parent company.

The company wishes to evolve persistently and become the most trusted partner in creating lasting engagement across the organization. Pluxee empowers this evolution. It has provided tools to ensure that nothing stands in the way of achieving this goal.

How Does the New Identity Enhance the Legacy of Sodexo Benefits?

Pluxee reaffirms that it is dedicated to the constant pillars of quality, trust and excellence in service delivery. As Sodexo BRS joins in, it will be offering services to a vast network of clients that include over 3.5 million consumers and over 150,000 merchants. Pluxee will assume the identity of the partner of trust in the new relationship.

Green PIN and digital contracting are some of the major initiatives the Pluxee will be pursuing in the coming years, as it focuses on the goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2035. These initiatives will reduce the need to have many physical cards to make online purchases.

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There is also a greater emphasis on customer engagement. One thing that shows this is the holistic approach to delivering employee benefits. On top of the traditional offers, there will be new-age benefits that include gadgets, travel and well-being. Besides, a user-friendly app will enable clients to get their benefits at the click of a button.

The Milestones the Pluxee Hopes to Achieve During and After Transition

The first milestone the Pluxee aims to meet is the transition to zero emissions by 2025. This goal will be met through changes across various sections of its operations. It has started by offering digital solutions to eliminate cards. The next stage will be to reduce the use of paper and relegate cards to when needed. Besides, it will enhance its blockchain product, X-Collection.

Second, the company aims to provide more value to the merchants, who have been the backbone of Sodexo’s success. To this end, they will be given additional tools to manage their employee benefits with greater certainty.

Third, the company aims to enhance social sustainability to create a positive impact on communities. Apart from environmental-conscious initiatives, it will also help its vendors achieve similar goals. In addition, it will focus on inclusion, diversity and supporting individuals with diverse abilities, including women. This way, it will create an inclusive business environment.

Pluxee Acquisition Has Amazing Benefits

Customers expect personalized employee benefits, including wellness, meals, telecom, fuel and learning, among others. It also helps boost tax savings, thereby boosting employee take-home salaries to up to Rs 1 lakh each year. Besides, Pluxee has a 2-in-1 card that is accepted across Rupay merchants for smooth transactions.

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For merchants, Pluxee enables them to customize the benefits and their usage in line with the company policy. Card users also enjoy convenience and simplicity when making payments. It accepts online payments: tap and pay, scan and pay and swipe and pay. All these innovations are 100% compliant with the financial laws in India.

With the acquisition and transition of Sodexo to Pluxee, customers should wait for enhanced service delivery, more support for their financial goals and innovation. It will nurture stronger relationships and create happier consumers for its range of services.


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