Important details of the gambling market with the re-regulation

the gambling market

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk in the political game about the services of Online Cricket Betting ID companies in the country and it is probably not very surprising, because the gambling companies have invested a lot of money on their marketing. I addition, there has been a lot of talk about the Indian gaming monopoly and the introduction of a gaming license, because the state monopoly could not provide the same range or offers that non-state companies offered their players. With the new legislation, companies that have applied for and received their gaming license will be able to operate their gaming services online with permission from the Indian Gaming Authority. Thus, these casinos with the Indian license will also be able to market themselves with their services on any media, which has long been of great importance for the gaming companies and their success. However, it will be more difficult for foreign casinos without a license to advertise, as the regulation will be tougher and the loopholes that existed in the law will change.- the gambling market

 For the gambling enthusiast, this means that the design of gambling ads will change and become more concentrated with facts and quality and less bonus-focused. For those gaming companies that do not comply with the law and continue to operate in the same way as before, the penalty will be a penalty fee that the authority decides on based on the company’s turnover. In addition, the gaming market has been divided into different segments. One application will deal with casino games and betting, while another part consists of bingo and lottery. Every time there is a change in the Indian gaming industry, even a gray market that has long operated in a wild west style disappears. Despite the fact that this legislative change, which came into force on January 1, 2019, closed a certain number of doors, it opened up for renewal and a stronger casino market. As it has been talked about a lot, many gambling companies have previously been able to market themselves in many different ways, which will now be monitored in a better way. With the regulation, casinos without a license will not be allowed to market themselves to Indian players in any way. In addition, there will be more focus on Cricket ID players over 18+ and older players who appreciate the unique gaming opportunities of the casino industry. These benefits also mean that players can now feel more secure with their gambling, where a greater responsibility is given to the side of the bookmakers. In addition, it is an obligation for casinos with the Indian license to take care of their players and prevent excessive the gambling market. 

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 The disadvantages of the new law change include, of course, the possibilities of the free bonus system that has flourished for a long time. Which means that India is developing a very strict licensing system in Europe, which for some players may reduce the excitement somewhat because the welcome bonus is only given to new players. In addition, tax regulations will be tougher, both for casinos with a gaming license but also for players who play at casinos from other countries outside the EU. Previously, it was possible to avoid paying tax in India because the casino was based in other countries, but with the new law change, you will unfortunately have to pay tax on winnings that have a license outside the EU. This is why it is important to make sure that the pin up online casino is licensed in India. For the gaming companies, this means a tax increase of 18 percent on the entire net turnover of the company. From the political point of view, this means controlling the gaming market and getting more revenue through this strict licensing system. According to the casino, this is a priority as it has now begun to hire many new helpers to be able to maintain the new gaming license system. 

 Regulation does not always mean that tension dies, but rather that the industry has to change the course of safety and security. It has previously been shown that some Indian players had difficulty knowing which casinos were serious, which this change in law helps with. The gaming companies that do not receive a license can thus not be able to advertise in the same way and for casinos with the Indian license it is required to register players individually, which allows the player to feel more confident with their gambling as consumer protection increases.  In this way, they have also tried to control and give responsibility for gambling addiction to the companies, as the player can now switch off completely from gambling companies and sister companies, etc.the helpful system means for the player that it will probably become clearer which casinos with the Indian license are serious and value their players, hopefully this contributes to a safer gaming environment and a more positive direction for the player. – the gambling market

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 On the whole, you as a player have got a safer and safer market to play on. This is due to increased requirements for the casinos that receive a license as well as the limits for games that you have the right to set for your gambling. A national blocking register, the casino, has also been established. At the casino, in addition to the usual self-exclusion options at an individual casino, you can block yourself for at least 12 months at all licensed casinos. All licensed casinos must offer a self-exclusion of 24 hours and one of at least 12 months. The casino has also put an end to games on credit, so now there is an end to games on invoice and similar payment methods. A negative aspect that the Gambling Act brought with it is its restrictions in bonuses. As of January 1, 2019, the bookmakers may only give one bonus per player and license. This prevents the casinos from running promotions, loyalty programs and weekly bonuses/free spins. The bonus that is now left is the welcome bonus that may be given on the first deposit. This will probably lead to major changes in how the companies put together their welcome bonuses and we will see a lot of changes in them over a period of time as the bookmakers test themselves to find what suits them best. Casumo was among the first to change their bonus to the new system and this resulted in a much higher deposit bonus as well as removing a lot of Free Spins. There are still some ambiguities in how bonuses can be distributed so it is something we will come back to in the future. The trend that we have seen with casinos without registration will probably become the norm as the gaming companies will most likely have to identify their players with BankID. The companies that have already introduced this type of registration are thus well on their way in their preparations to be approved by the new gaming Inspectorate.

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