How to buy Autodesk AEC Collection 2023 at the best price?


Modern design organizations are required to use the latest generation of engineering software. Such software guarantees the rapid solution of complex problems, the performance of static calculations with a minimum risk of errors, as well as the development of graphic drawings with the highest accuracy, with the ability to correct and correct random inaccuracies during verification and editing. Many of these programs work over a network, through a server or cloud storage where engineers and architects can exchange results with each other, and overlay engineering developments of adjacent sections of the project on existing building plans. You can buy Autodesk AEC Collection 2023 at the best price in ProCADis store with an original license at the lowest retail price compared to the competitors.

What is Autodesk AEC Collection 2023?

Autodesk AEC Collection 2023 is a software package developed by the world-famous Autodesk company, which is offered to professional designers to achieve the following goals:

  •         Development of master plans for the site and territories intended for the placement of a capital construction object.
  •         Landing the heel of the building on the land, taking into account the vertical layout and the existing relief.
  •         Development of architectural flat drawings in 2D format with the calculation of areas, and determination of a set of residential, public, commercial, or other premises and their area.
  •         Visualization of an object in a three-dimensional coordinate system with the ability to rotate the finished building model to fix the best and most informative view of the isometric projection when making conceptual drawings and visual presentations for a customer, investor, or developer.
  •         Implementation of structural drawings of reinforcement, ordering of hull masonry, framing of openings for communications, and solving other engineering problems reflected in the design task.
  •         Development and execution in automatic mode of specifications used in the design of load-bearing or enclosing elements of a building, explication of premises, calculation of technical and economic indicators in tabular form, as well as a statement of expenses for a detailed calculation of estimate documentation.
  •         Implementation of related sections of project documentation – laying of external and internal cable and pipe communications, the use of low-voltage systems, automation, and dispatching elements, taking into account building standards and the technological feasibility of implementing these engineering solutions.
  •         Development of special sections of the project, if there are such requirements from the customer in the terms of reference.
  •         The ability to assemble a ready-made album of design decisions with the image of the frame, stamps, and linking the table of performers and places for the original signatures of each engineer responsible for the design decisions made.
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The Autodesk AEC Collection 2023 software package ensures the exact execution of a technical or creative architectural, design task at all stages with maximum profit for the company and with minimal risk of liability, according to the law, due to gross violations of standards by the project developers.

What programs does Autodesk AEC Collection 2023 include?

The complete software called Autodesk AEC Collection 2023 offered by ProCADis includes the following software products:

  •         Revit. Modern software for the integrated design of various sections of working documentation, including the development of architectural plans, and the design of individual elements of a structure and utilities.
  •         Civil 3D. Specialized software that is designed specifically for the design of civil facilities.
  •         AutoCAD + Toolset. Classic software for the development of project documentation at all stages, including extensive libraries with elements of walls, floors, and other building structures, as well as furniture, equipment, electronics, and household appliances necessary to create the final drawing. Design is carried out in both 2D and 3D formats.
  •         Navisworks Manage. Advanced professional software that allows you to work with various measurements in 5D format.
  •         3D Max. A well-known program that is designed specifically for designers. With this software, you can create volumetric models, rendering pictures, as well as visualize various objects and create animation effects.
  •         Recap Pro. A special program that allows you to create realistic effects and photographs of properties that have not yet been built.
  •         Advance Steel. A professional tool for complex design, visualization, and detailing of steel structures, as well as structures with a metal frame – columns, beams, trusses, or hanging complex structures.
  •         Fabrication CADmep. A modern professional software product with elements of artificial intelligence that allows you to create graphic, text, and calculation materials in the innovative MEP format.
  •         Robot Structure Analysis Professional. A unique robotic intellectual tool that allows you to read or import graphic, text, and calculation materials created in any format. Allows you to perform a deep analysis of the finished result for compliance with building codes and other requirements. The program visually shows errors that allow an engineer of any category or an architect to quickly fix them and refine their product to the ideal. This software is BIM-integrated.
  •         Vehicle tracking. A specific program that is necessary for specialists in the field of road construction or developers of construction production technology, plans for organizing a construction site. Allows you to analyze and assign the optimal trajectory for the movement of cars and trucks on the roads indicated in the master plan.
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All the programs listed above are interconnected, and the files created in each of them are easily opened, imported, and recognized in various extensions, which eliminates the need for double work of the designer, and also completely reduces the risk of marriage when developing an intellectual product by various profile specialists.

In our company, you can purchase the complex software for engineering and architectural design, described above, at the best prices. We guarantee only the original software product, which excludes marriage and errors. We provide technical support for our customers, as well as a low cost of periodic service maintenance and installation of updates. The software is guaranteed to work without failures and freezes. It is sold both in individual and network versions, developed by AutoDesk, which is proved by original certificates and licenses, copies of which are provided to each buyer after payment for the goods.

Our technical support service is available around the clock, seven days a week. You can always ask our specialist a question via live chat or send your written request through the feedback window on the official website of our company.


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