Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Hublot

About Hublot

There are watch brands that are highly regarded in the world of watchmaking since they have been around for more than a century, such as Rolex, Omega, Longines, and even Tissot. So, does it mean that you can only get high-quality and high-precision watches from brands that have been around for over a century? The answer to that is no. There are watch brands on the market where you may purchase a watch equivalent to those manufactured by high-end brands. Hublot is one of the watch companies from which you may obtain a high-quality timepiece. Is Hublot unfamiliar to you? If yes, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ll take a closer look at a relatively new brand in the world of watchmaking. Continue reading to learn more about Hublot, and you may end up purchasing one.

1. Hublot’s History

Watchmaker Hublot made its debut in the 1980s, making it one of the most modern and well-known Swiss watchmakers. As a former employee of Binda, a well-known Italian watch manufacturer, Carlo Crocco was well-versed in the watchmaking heritage. A few years after moving to Switzerland, he created MDM Geneve and began developing this brand, a watch he named after the French word for “porthole.” After three years of studying and developing, Crocco finally unveiled the watch, along with the world’s first pure rubber strap. He left the Binda Group, which produced Breil watches, hence the creation of Hublot in 1976.

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2. High Quality Materials

“The Art of Fusion” plays a crucial role in the success of Hublot, and this is no secret. Materials have always been at the center of Hublot’s world, from the first use of rubber in watchmaking to the creation of new valuable metals, such as scratch-proof Magic Gold, and the production of groundbreaking composites like ceramic and sapphire with distinctive hues. This watch has invented and manufactured these novel materials utilizing the latest technology, making them unique in the watchmaking industry.

3. LVMH and Hublot

The firm is a completely owned subsidiary of LVMH in France. Carlo Crocco, the founder of this brand, sold the company to luxury goods conglomerate LVMH in April 2008, adding Hublot to its existing portfolio of watch brands, which includes TAG Heuer. In terms of luxury goods, LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton is the world’s largest. From Mr. Carlo Crocco, who started the group in 1980, and a firm headed by Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, who has overseen Hublot since 2004, LVMH bought the watchmaker from the two parties.

4. The Big Bang Collection

Watch aficionados from all around the globe lauded Hublot’s Big Bang collection after its Basel 2005 debut. Hublot Big Bang watches are among the most sought-after nowadays. The Big Bang collection is a blend of avant-garde style and modern components, based on the notion of “the art of fusion,” which refers to the mixing of unusual materials.

There are several reasons why the Hublot Big Bang is a top-tier watch. Its unusual features are sure to capture anyone’s notice. Hublot’s designers will stop at nothing to improve this watch. The Hublot Big Bang watch was the brainchild of previous CEO Jean-Claude Biver, who took over the company’s reins in 2004 and was responsible for the design.

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5. The Classic Fusion Collection

Hublot released the Classic Fusion collection in 2010, which is a stunning range of timepieces. There’s something about the appearance of the Classic Fusion collection that’s both beautiful and modernistic. Big Bang and classic watch styles come together in this collection, which is a hybrid of both. This collection pays respect to Hublot’s designs from the 1980s while also looking to the future. 

They created them in a way that both men and women may wear them. In addition to the Classic Fusion, Hublot provides a broad range of sizes, materials, and features. Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium, Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Diamonds, Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Pave, and Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Diamond are the four variations of the Classic Fusion watches. Moon phase and classic 3-hand dials are two of the most popular versions in this collection.

6. The Spirit of Big Bang Collection

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang, introduced in 2014, is the brand’s successor to its flagship line, the Hublot Big Bang. Hublot gave this watch collection a barrel-shaped case to draw inspiration from the already renowned timepiece. The Spirit of the Big Bang collection departs from the typical porthole case design. The brand’s flagship watch has the same fusion concept as this watch collection.

Like the Big Bang collection, the Spirit of Big Bang watch is likewise available in a range of materials. Watches from this collection are available in ceramic, titanium, carbon fiber, or even sapphire crystal. Hublot also employed its gold alloys for the collection. In addition to its stunning design, high-quality materials, and outstanding craftsmanship, the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang is certain to delight watch enthusiasts across the world.

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7. Official Timekeeper of The World Cup

Football is Hublot’s passion, so when FIFA asked Hublot to design the official watch for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Hublot jumped at the opportunity. They called it the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup. Besides its link to the event, this model was Hublot’s first smartwatch. There are a variety of interesting features on the watches that they guarantee everyone will enjoy. When a player scores a World Cup goal, the watch will display a GOAL sign on its dial.

8. Hublot’s Most Famous Customers

Kobe Bryant, the late Los Angeles Lakers legend, wore Hublot watches. He was well-known as a fan of Hublot watches for men. Often, people see Kobe Bryant sporting a Hublot watch off the court. It was Hublot that made the Big Bang UNICO Chronograph Retrograde Kobe “Vino” Bryant watch in partnership with Kobe. There are a lot of design elements from the Lakers in these limited edition men’s timepieces. 

Usain Bolt is another notable Hublot wearer. It’s no surprise that “the fastest man on earth” wears a Hublot watch. Usain Bolt has been the brand’s spokesperson since 2010. A lot of his followers claim the Swiss watches can accurately clock his runs, which makes Hublot’s chronographs a great compliment.


Evidently, it has nothing to do with the brand’s age. Other watch companies cannot compete with Hublot’s unique designs. Hence, adding these watches to your collection is a necessity if you are a watch enthusiast. Hublot’s strength comes from its ability to combine history with innovation.


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